Your Intake Questions

This questionnaire covers key questions in different areas of your health.

It's nice to get to know you

This page is your intake questionnaire

Answering these questions is a way to kick start your coaching relationship. It’s expected to take you about 1o minutes to complete.

Every question here serves a purpose for your program

Each question directly informs which skills are going to be most relevant for you. Those are the skills that will get you (personally) the most traction towards your goals.

Many of the questions ask you to reflect on specifics of who you are, what you’re experiencing right now, and what you want.

Take time with it. Think it through.

Reflecting thoughtfully and honestly on those details is essential to charting a clear path forward.

This is critical information for your coach to know.

More importantly, though…

These questions are critical information for you to know.

The more you know about you, the easier you can express those wants and needs to your coach.

The more your coach knows about you, the better they can personalize your coaching program.

And, the more personalized your program, the better your results.

Health Survey

Understanding your lifestyle is important to your plan.

Tell Me About Your Current Lifestyle.

Let's talk about your diet

Tell Me About Your Current Diet.

Nutrition Planning

Let's look at your nutrition.